Can manufacturers

List of known can manufacturers
Logo Name Abbreviation Comment
Z Züchner Z Seesen (Germany), 1979-1985
W unknown W Germany?
SL1 Schmalbach Lubeca SL1 Logo until 1978
SL2 Schmalbach Lubeca SL2 Logo until 1983
SL3 Schmalbach Lubeca SL3 Logo until 1992
CCE Continental Can Europe CCE Logo until 2003, then Ball
Ball Ball Packaging Ball
Ball1 Ball Ball1 Logo until 2004
ACC American Can Company ACC American manufacturer
A1 unknown A1 American manufacturer
T3 unknown T3 American manufacturer
T7 unknown T7 American manufacturer
T9 unknown T9 American manufacturer
T22 unknown T22 American manufacturer
T25 unknown T25 American manufacturer
T26 unknown T26 American manufacturer
TRI unknown TRI American manufacturerFabricante de América
ANC1 American National Can ANC1 American manufacturer
ANC2 American National Can ANC2 American manufacturer
ANC3 American National Can ANC3 American manufacturer
EDI Endelis ECA Panamá EDI From Panama (Colón)
2015: Envases Universales de Mexico jointly with Rexam has completed the acquisition of Envases del Istmo S.A. (Endelis)
U unknown U American manufacturer?
R Reynolds R American manufacturer
Rec unknown Rec American manufacturer?
Vancan Vitro-American National Can Vancan Mexican manufacturer
joint venture with Rexam
Botemex Botemex S.A. de C.V. Botemex Mexican manufacturer
associated with Jumex
Nacanco Nacanco Nacanco Now Rexam
PB PLM-Ball PB 1985-1987
Germany (Berlin)
AD Austria Dosen AD 1984-1991 Austria Dosen
1991-2000 PLM Austria Dosen
since 2000 Rexam
Rexam Rexam Rexam
Skoda Škoda Skoda Czech Manufacturer
S unknown S Czech Manufacturer
Amcor Amcor / Amcor Australasia Amcor
B Boxal B Swiss (Fribourg), 1955-1972
Now Alu Bottles
MB Metalbox MB later CMB
MB1 MB1 MB1 from south africa
MB17 MB17 MB17 from south africa
MB18 MB18 MB18 from south africa
KA Kaiser Aluminium KA
GK Gerro-Kaiser GK
CBI Carnaud Paris CBI France (Paris)
CBIL Carnaud Paris CBIL France (Paris)
CE Carnaud Eurocan CE
CM Carnaud Metalbox CM 1996 sold for $5,2 Billion to Crown
GM Glud & Marstrand GM Manufacturer from Denmark
HTF Haustrup Fabriker A/S HTF from Denmark (Odense)
Sofreb Sofreb Sofreb later Carnaud-Metalbox Bevcan Sofreb
now Crown
CPA Containers Packaging CPA Australia
G Gadsden G Australia
ED unknown ED
C2 unknown C2 Spain?
EA unknown EA Spain?
C Alucanco S.A. C Patras, Athen (Greece)
HC Hellas Can S.A. HC Greece
HC2 Crown Hellas Can S.A. HC2 Greece
Crown Crown Cork & Seal Crown
BCM Bangkok Can Manufacturing Co. Ltd. BCM From Thailand
since 1998
TBC Thai Beverage Can TBC Saraburi, Thailand
SC Standard Can Co.
บริษัท แสตนดาร์ดแคน จำกัด
SC From Thailand, since 1989
CCC Continental Can Company CCC since 1990 Crown
CCK Doosan CCK Korea, Logo until 1996
SOBEMI SOBEMI S.A. SOBEMI belgium can manufacturer (Brussels)
EC Eurocan Dranken N.V. EC belgium can manufacturer (Mechelen)
GCM Great China Metal GCM China
SCP unknown
(Songkla Canning Public Co. Ltd.?)
SCP Chinesischer?
TD Thomassen & Drijver TD since 1965: Thomassen & Drijver-Verblifa (TDV)
cp Can-Pack S.A. cp from Poland
COM unknown COM
FE2 Ferembal FE2 France, Nancy
Faba Faba Group Faba now Crown
SB Superbox SB Italy manufacturer
TL Tubettificio Ligure TL Italy manufacturer, from Lecco, Anzio
Rostar Rostar (РОСТАР) Rostar Russian manufacturer, since 1998

now Rexam
CCHK Continental Can Hong Kong Ltd. CCHK from China
since 1977
now Crown
CCA unknown CCA
CCB Continental Can Beijing CCB
ARC Arab Can Co ARC P.O. Box 28376, Sharjah, UAE
CCSA Continental Can of Saudi Arabia CCSA New name CROWN Arabia Can
Now Crown
JBCMC Jeddah Beverage Can Making Co. Ltd. JBCMC New name CROWN Jeddah Can
Now Crown
MECC Middle East Can Co. MECC now Crown
ECC Emirates Can Company ECC New name CROWN Emirates Company
UACAN United Arab Can Manufacturing Company UACAN Dammam, Saudi Arabia
since 2014 Rexam
KUNABCO Kuwait National Bottling Company KUNABCO Sabhan, Kuwait
UB unknown UB United Arab Emirates?
SS unknown SS
National Cans & Packing Industry LLC NCPI Rusayl, Sultanate of Oman
MCP unknown
(M.C. Packaging Ltd.)?
MC M.C. Packaging Ltd. MC from China
since 1997 Ball
HUC Huadong United Can
HUC Zhenjiang, China
JF Foshan Sanshui Jianlibao FTB Packaging
JF Guangdong, China
SMY San Miguel Yamamura Ball SMY Manila, Philippines
SM San Miguel Packaging SM Mandaluyong City, Philippines
at PT. Ancol Terang Metal Printing Industri at Indonesia
+ unknown + Singapore?
KJP Kian Joo Packing KJP Malaysia, Vietnam
KJM KJM Aluminium Can KJM Malaysia
CVP Crown Vinalimex Packaging CVP Vietnam
CSN Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional CSN brazil manufacturer
L Latas de Aluminio L brazil manufacturer (Sao Paulo)
Nov. 2003 sold to Rexam (US$ 462 Mio.)
Rheem Rheem Rheem american/brazil manufacturer
1987 acquired by Reynolds
RC Reynolds Chile RC from Chile
EAV Envases Aragua Venezuela EAV from Venezuela
SE Superenvases Envalic SE from Venezuela
DOC Dominguez Continental DOC from Venezuela
EU Envases Universales EU from Mexico
EM unknown EM from Mexico?
TC Tapón Corona TC from Mexico
E Egyptian Can Making Company ECANCO E Since 1998
Cairo, Egypt
CIC Caniel Israel Can Company CIC Now: Caniel Beverage Packaging Ltd.
CBP Caniel Beverage Packaging Ltd.
קניאל אריזות משקה
CBP from Israel (Kefar Saba)
ap unknown ap Israel?
SW unknown SW
FM Famosa FM From Mexico, Monterrey
MMC Mitsubishi Materials Corporation MMC Since 2005 merged with Hokkai Can Co. and formed Universal Can Corporation
CAN Toyo Seikan Kaisha
CAN Japanese can manufacturer
DAIWA Daiwa Can Company
DAIWA Japanese can manufacturer
NNS unknown NNS Asiatic can manufacturer (Japan?)
PSC unknown PSC Asiatic can manufacturer (Thailand?)
LSBY Lam Soon Ball Yamamura LSBY Taiwan, since 1988
Wx Taiwan Can Corp. Wx Chiayi, Taiwan
cUc UnitedCan cUc from Jakarta, Indonesia
CM(11) unknown CM(11) Asiatic can manufacturer (Thailand?)
CMB(11) unknown CMB(11) Asiatic can manufacturer (Thailand?)
PBAS unknown PBAS Asiatic can manufacturer (Singapore?)
CMBS unknown CMBS Asiatic can manufacturer (Singapore?)
CMBM Carnoud Metal Box Malaysia CMBM Malaysia
now Crown Cork & Seal
CMBS(9) unknown CMBS(9) Asiatic can manufacturer (Singapore?)
CMBV(12) unknown CMBV(12) Asiatic can manufacturer (Singapore?)
CMBGZ CMB Guang Zhou CMBGZ CMB Guang Zhou, China
CCS unknown
Crown Cork & Seal???
CCS Canadian can manufacturer?
CO Comalco CO Australia
UCC Universal Can Corporation UCC Japan
MBS unknown
SC1 unknown
EV unknown EV Spain?
ECA Envases Universales de Centroamérica ECA from Guatemala
since 2007
DO Doosan DO Korea, Logo from 1996
FL unknown FL Korea?
MCC Metal Container Corp. MCC part of Anheuser-Busch Packaging Group (ABPG)
api Asia Packaging Industries api Part of Toyo Seikan
NZ unknown NZ from New Zealand
BC unknown BC China?
FTBB Sanshui Jianlibao FTB Packaging FTBB China?
Z2 unknown Z2 from Mexico?
DP unknown DP Dalian, China?
KJCF Kian Joo Can Factory KJCF
RA Reynolds Argentina RA
TSMP Taiwan Supreme Metal Packaging TSMP
DC unknown DC Venezuela?
BC2 unknown BC2 China?
HCCC unknown HCCC China?
DR unknown DR
RL Reynolds Latasa RL
T11 unknown T11
M unknown M
C4 unknown C4 Spain?
LB Latapack-Ball LB
MM Metalúrgica Matarazzo MM São Paulo, Brazil
OT unknown OT
T15 unknown T15 American manufacturer
T23 unknown T23 American manufacturer
HCC Hanil Can Company HCC Korea
Partner with Rexam Group
bp unknown bp
T8 unknown T8 American manufacturer
AHI unknown AHI From New Zealand
SAC Showa
CCF unknown CCF
PCC unknown PCC
FTBH Sanshui Jianlibao FTB Packaging FTBH China
NP Nampak NP
PC Pacific Can PC China
J Guangdong Jianlibao J
FC Fountain Can FC Taipei, Taiwan
APA Aluplata S.A. APA Argentina, Buenos Aires
Now Crown
FTBK Sanshui Jianlibao FTB Packaging FTBK China
Latasa Latasa Latasa
EVE Envases Venezolanos EVE La Castellana Caracas, Venezuela
MIC Mira Can MIC 1956, from American Can Co.
RP Ring-Pull RP from Continental Can Co.
GPA Gadsden GPA Australia
SZ unknown SZ
NC Nactonal Can NC
GZ Grupo Zapata GZ Mexiko
LA Lotte Aluminium LA Süd-Korea
MBM Metalbox Malaysia MBM
PET Petainer PET
CL unknown CL
CCI unknown
HCJ Hokkai Can HCJ
HC3 unknown HC3
T24 unknown T24 American manufacturer
SB2 Superbox SB2 Italian manufacturer
CEA unknown CEA
CPO unknown CPO From China
WNZ unknown WNZ New Zealand
CCM Caribbean Can Manufacturing CCM
BAO Baosteel BAO
GC unknown GC
MCCA unknown MCCA
CIC1 Caniel Israel Can Company CIC1 Now: Caniel Beverage Packaging Ltd.
ORG ORG Packaging ORG from China
F unknown F From Mexico?
KBC Kaveh Beverage Can KBC From Iran
ISH unknown ISH From Iran?
OI unknown OI
CAI Can Asia CAI 2013: Joint venture of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC, 65%) and CanPack S.A. (35%)
))(( unknown ))((
LMB unknown
RR Reads RR
RAC Reynolds Aluminum Cans RAC
EP unknown
EP Ormis
ORM unknown
T32 unknown T32 American manufacturer
SO unknown SO
CR unknown CR
AG Ardagh Group AG
HP Helvetia Packaging HP Swiss Manufacturer with plant in Germany
BEPA BENEPACK BEPA The first Chinese-owned beverage can plant in Europe (Genk, Belgium). Started commercial operation July 2020
GZI GZI GZI Plants in Agbara (Nigeria, 2009), Aba (Nigeria, 2013) and Wadeville (South Africa, 2019)

Listed manufacturers: 226

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