Standard dataName:Coca-Cola Classic
Ā«Contour CanĀ»
Standard dataCountry:United States
Standard dataManufacturer:Coca-Cola Company Atlanta by (Canner's name and address appear in this space)
Standard dataBrand:CC (Coca-Cola)
Standard dataDesign codes:1996-495
Standard dataMaterial:Aluminium
Standard dataBarcode:0 496340 6
ContentContent:355 ml   /   12 fl. oz.
ContentKind of beverage:Cola
ContentFill date:1996-08-14
AssignmentDesign year:
AssignmentTheme:Test cans
Can manufacturerCan manufacturer:Crown (Crown Cork & Seal)   
Can manufacturerLogo:
Can manufacturerCan manufacturer plant:unknown
Can manufacturerManufacturing date:1996-06-28
Top endDiameter:54 mm
Top endDiameter type:202 mm
Top endColour top end:silver
Top endMaterial:aluminium
Top endOpening:standard opening
Top endTab type:resealable
Top endMaterial:plastic
Top endColour tab:black
Top endIncised:
Top endEmbossed:
Top endPrinted:
Top endImage: top end