website changes

New can manufacturer Helvetia Packaging added

"Can manufacturer Helvetia Packaging AG added.


Website now with encrypted communication

" is now with SSL encrypted communication. All addresses starts now with https:// instead http://."

found informations about ENDELIS can manufacturer

"The previously identified as CanR (and unknown to me) canmaker is Endelis (Envases del Istmo, S.A.) and is from Panama.
2015 Envases Universales de México (now belonging to Glud & Marstrand) and Rexam acquired Endelis and renamed it to Endelis ECA Panamá. The plant is located in Colón, Panama.
The manufacturer is now abbreviated here with EDI.


New Website

New Website

"This website is under complete new construction. Soon you will see a new awesome and responsive site."

New can lists

"The can lists be presented in a new and faster technology now. The new CSS3 Flexbox model is used for this.
However, this requires the use of a current web browser."

New charts

"All charts has been updated to new HTML5 charts. So they will also shown on Apple devices and mobile phones."

Jump directly to the country sites...

"Now you can direct jump to the country pages directly from the browser address bar. Accepted are ISO codes 2 and 3 according to ISO 3166, thus eg /de for Germany or /us for the United States. Moreover, the english short names for the countries are accepted if they are written in lower case.
Simply enter the code behind the domain name. Here are some examples:


United States of America: states

Bosnia & Herzegovina: & herzegovina"

2 new can manufacturers added

"The can manufacturers Envases Universales de Centroamérica with can plant in Guatemala and Tapón Corona from Mexico are added.

Here are the logos:


New can manufacturer Universal Can Corporation added

"Can manufacturer Universal Can Corporation from Japan added.


New handling of different versions

"Different can versions are now better indicated. The differents are detailed shown by pictures and text. And there is an image zoom function embedded. In country list, the versions are only shown by one can with a version mark.

An example is shown here"

New 3D technologie without Flash

"First release of my new 3D technologie made by CSS and Ajax. No use of Adobe Flash. So 3D cans are displayed also on Apples mobile devices.

More things with this technologie are intended..."

Themes sites changed

"The theme lists are now grouped by country.
Here is the actual theme site of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa"

New functions

"I added a list of all cans with 3D view.

Furthermore there is a new statistic about the number of cans here."

now with cron job

"All with a own website (and hopefully the others too) know, how much work such a website is. Therefore a data backup is necessary.

Therefore, the database is now backed up daily by a cron job. The results are saved on the server and additionally with the website itself on my private Raid5 system."

New statistic

"I added a new statistic about the cans count by decade and year.

If you want a special statistic, please send me a message."

choose your template

"Now you can change the website layout by choose a template top right."

Website online

"The website is online and replaces the static site"

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